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Free School Newsletter Name Generator (Plus More Ideas)

A school newsletter is a nice way to keep families up-to-date on all the important events and information. They’re also an ideal forum for recognizing excellence among students and staff. Coming up with unique newsletter names can be a bit of a challenge, though. Feeling stumped? Give our name generator a try!

School Newsletter Names Generator

You know the drill! Choose the appropriate option from each column, and you’ll find a ready-made newsletter name customized just for you.


Not loving your personalized title? That’s OK. You can mix and match from these three columns any way you like to find something that fits the bill!

More Ideas for School Newsletter Names

Not quite there yet? Check out these other popular ways to come up with a name for your school newsletter.

Look to Your Mascot

Using your mascot’s characteristics can be an easy way to come up with a newsletter name. Here are some common mascots and potential newsletter names for each:

  • Lions: The Lion’s Pride
  • Eagles: The Eagle Eye
  • Bulldogs: Notes From the Doghouse
  • Bears: Grizzly Gazette
  • Wolves: Wolf Tracks
  • Tigers: Tiger Tales
  • Hawks: Flight Dispatch
  • Panthers: On the Prowl
  • Knights: Round Table Roundup
  • Phoenix: Rising Above
  • Dragons: All Fired Up
  • Owls: Hoot Off the Press
  • Cardinals: News From the Nest
  • Rockets: The Orbiter
  • Rams: RAMblings and Reflections
  • Mustangs: The Pony Express
  • Sharks: Shark Bites
  • Cheetahs: The Fast Track
  • Wildcats: A Walk on the Wild Side

Color It Up

Your school colors themselves can make a cool newsletter name (The Blue and the Gold), or you can use them as adjectives instead. Examples:

  • Crimson Chronicles
  • Shades of Gray
  • Beneath Blue Skies
  • Red-Letter News
  • Pot of Gold
  • Silver Linings
  • The Green Light

Hold a Contest

Everybody loves a chance to chime in! Invite your staff and/or students to help name your school newsletter. In the first round, let people submit any name they like. Narrow it down to your top favorites, then hold a vote to choose the winner. Offer a fun prize, like a school T-shirt or other pride gear.

Ask ChatGPT


It turns out ChatGPT is actually pretty good at coming up with name suggestions. Provide it with any characteristics you’d like to include, like your school name, mascot, colors, etc. Then take a look at all the AI-generated newsletter name possibilities. (Thanks to Principal Life commenter Ro W. for the idea!)

Crowdsource Newsletter Names

Still haven’t found anything you like? Come join the conversation in one of our Facebook groups: Principal Life or WeAreTeachers HELPLINE. Both are full of active participants happy to chime in and offer suggestions and advice.

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