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Wisdom Factories and AI Games with Dr. Tim Dasey

Note: the following show notes were created using Anthropic’s Claude.ai – It seemed a propos after all:

How should we prepare students for a rapidly automating world? On this episode, host Mike Palmer explores that question with Dr. Tim Dasey, author of Wisdom Factories: AI, Games, and the Education of the Modern Worker.

Dasey explains why traditional educational models focused on expertise are becoming less relevant. As AI handles more routine analytical tasks, humans will need to excel at higher-order skills like critical thinking, creativity, and managing complexity.

Dasey advocates revamping curricula to teach these “wisdom” capacities. He sees great potential for problem-based and collaborative learning approaches, as well as leveraging gaming to provide meaningful experiences with complex systems.

However, Dasey notes most education debates focus narrowly on how AI will impact current roles, rather than reevaluating foundational priorities. He argues we need broad input from business and technology leaders to reorient systems toward the abilities humans uniquely bring.

Tune in to hear Dasey’s compelling case for education reform in the AI age. Gain insights from his decades developing AI, then pivoting to human-centered design. Discover why developing wisdom, not just expertise, is key to long-term success.

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Episode References

Dasey, T. (2023). Wisdom Factories: AI, Games, and the Education of a Modern Worker. Rejuvenate Publishing.

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