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12 Adorable Back-to-School Crafts – We Are Teachers

It’s that time of year again! If you’re gearing up for the start of the new school year, you’re in the right place for some absolutely adorable crafts to add to your back-to-school plan. Students will love using their creativity and they’ll make the best classroom displays!

1. Bubbles Chalk Illustration

Prang/Bubbles Illustration via prang.com

Keep some summer fun going with these super-cute chalk bubbles. Make it even more exciting by grabbing a bottle of bubbles to demonstrate, and then students can draw what they see. Grab some colored chalk and get to creating!

Learn more: Prang Bubbles Project

2. Popsicle Stick Pencil

Happy Home Fairy/Popsicle Stick Pencil Craft via happyhomefairy.com

Grab some Popsicle sticks, paint, and paper to get started on this adorable craft. Just paint the Popsicle sticks the color you’d like the pencil to be, and add on your pink eraser and pencil tip. Then add a ribbon to the top to hang it up!

Learn more: Happy Home Fairy

3. Painted ABC Rocks

painted ABC rocks back-to-school craft idea

Made With Happy/Painted Alphabet Rocks via madewithhappy.com

Painting on rocks may seem simple, but it’s oh-so fun! Just grab some paint and assign students a handful of letters. Once they’re dry, you can add a magnetic strip to the back and use them all year long in your classroom. This is also a great craft to take outside while the weather is still warm to keep the paint mess out of the classroom.

Learn more: Made With Happy

4. Salt Painting

salt painting craft from Prang

Prang/Salt Painting via prang.com

Get glue, salt, and paint to make these colorful crystals come to life. Black construction paper works best to make the colors pop. Students make a glue design on their paper and cover the glue with salt. Then, use watercolor paints to bring in the color!

Learn more: Prang Salt Project

5. Paper Plate School Bus

paper plate school bus back-to-school craft

Honey and Lime/School Bus Paper Plate Craft via honeyandlime.co

It’s easy, cute, and educational! Create this school bus and learn about different shapes. Each bus uses half of a paper plate and some construction paper, and you’ll be on your way! You can even grab this free template with the school bus sign and shapes to print and cut.

Learn more: Honey and Lime

6. Mirror Stamped Insects

Insects art project from Prang

Prang/Mirror Stamps of Insects via prang.com

Mirror stamping is so fun! Students cut out their desired insect using the provided templates. They then paint with tempera paint or watercolors. Then, fold it in half to create an awesome mirrored design.

Learn more: Prang Insect Project

7. Monster Bookmarks

Monster bookmark back-to-school craft

One Little Project/Paper Monster Bookmarks via onelittleproject.com

These silly and fun bookmarks are perfect back-to-school crafts for students to use in their books throughout the year. Grab some construction paper and googly eyes, and get to crafting!

Learn more: One Little Project

8. All About Me Rainbow

all about me rainbow craft

Sixth Bloom/All About Me Activity via sixthbloom.com

Get to know your students with this idea. You can grab this free template, or use different-colored strips of construction paper. It’s a super-colorful and fun way for you to learn about your students and for classmates to learn about each other.

Learn more: Sixth Bloom

9. Bookworm Pencil Holders

bookworm pencil holder craft

Easy Peasy and Fun/DIY Bookworm Paper Roll via easypeasyandfun.com

Collect some empty paper rolls to get this craft started. Students can create their very own pencil holders. Use this bookworm idea or let students use their creativity to decorate it however they’d like.

Learn more: Easy Peasy and Fun

10. Animals in Habitat

animals in habitat multimedia art project from Prang

Prang/Multimedia Animals via prang.com

Grab a sheet of mixed media paper and create a design with chalk marbling. Then, cut out your animal shape using the provided templates and take a look at its totally awesome colors! You can add the animal to a background page and add trees, grass, and more to create its habitat.

Learn more: Prang Animal Project

11. Yarn Apple

Paper plate and yarn apple craft

Non-Toy Gifts/Paper Plate Core Apple Craft via nontoygifts.com

It’s not back to school without a classic apple. Cut the middle out of a paper plate and use a hole punch around the edges. Then, students can string through yarn to create the core.

Learn more: Non-Toy Gifts

12. Name Signs

back to school name art craft idea

Coffee and Carpool/Pointillism Name Art via coffeeandcarpool.com

We love some classic name art at the start of the school year! You’ll just need paper, paint, and cotton swabs to make this colorful piece come to life.

Learn more: Coffee and Carpool

Don’t forget to grab all of your art essentials, including construction paper, paint, colored pencils, and more, from Prang!

Looking for more craft ideas? Check out these 31 easy art projects.

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